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Get your team registered for the up coming season! with~Danielle Koenig Gary Eizak James Lotarski Kati Vinnay Karl Keyz Frank V. Swistak II Chris Nordquist Scott Edwards Desmond Dez Ed Monette Gary Adams Nick Marano Brad Erickson Eric Bohn Emmett Patrick Allen Maria Barela Sanchez Mike Pigion Brian Corsun Philip PJ Kirk

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If you need to sign up for any events for states Michigan MCMOA State Dart Tournament let me know what events and then we can set something up to collect the money.
Please text me at 313-205-9070 with events.
Thank you

Meeting with Jlo this weekend, will have ALL Dtown updates after meeting!! Happy New Year and Thank you for another great season!!
James Lotarski

Schedules for both nights are now posted on the website. Roster's will be up soon! with- Danielle Koenig & James Lotarski

This is the best way to register your team. Please use first and last names. Danielle Koenig James Lotarski

League is starting soon, Get your teams in!!

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D-Town Dart League tournament will be Sunday June 11th. Doors open at 1:00 pm, sign up's between 1pm-2pm and start no later than 2:30 pm.

Location: Lyskawa VFW Post #7546
6828 N Waverly St, Dearborn Heights MI 48127

If your team has qualified for the tournament you will be receiving a call, or text on Monday or Tuesday to confirm your team can make it.

Mystery week 15 $27 in $169 total is 12.3 good luck!

Week 14, for $142.... 10.9 Good Luck!!

Week 13 for $109, 27.0.. Good Luck!

Week 12 for $83... 32.50, Good luck!!

Week 11 for $67.... 16.5!! Good Luck!!!

Week 10 for $51 46.9... Good Luck!!

Week 9 Mystery for $31 was 26.9...
Good Luck!!!!

Mystery week 8 $28 in to the pot for a total of $218 is 26.7 good luck!!

Mystery week 7 $28 bringing the pot to $190 is 43.7 good luck!

Dart Tournament🎯 Tonight @ The Whiskey Bar🍀 Trip Shot is @$177 per dart💰Sign Ups at 10:00pm; Start Time 10:30pm⌚️ Good Luck To Everyone Coming Out👍🏼

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